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Kort Wool_Front.jpg

100% wool with technical membrane

The two wool styles, Trencher and Kort wool are made with a 100% wool and a jersey lining that is fuced together with a technical membrane that creates the magic of making the material wind/waterproof and breathable



Water repellant cotton

The anorak and the Robe are both mulit-layer water resistant styles.

The cotton is bonded together with the lining using a none-technical adhesive layer.

in other word, they can take a drizzle but not a shower.

Tech sketch cotton.png
tech sketch rubber.png
Kort Rubber_Front.jpg

Rubber + fleece material

The Kort Rubber jacket has a matt front and a soft fleece lining.

this material is created by fusing the technical membrane directly ontop of the fleece making the material wind/waterproof and breathable.