WTF - What The Fashion

There is not a nice or polite way to say it, so I am not going to sugar coat it. Fashion sucks! When non-fashion people ask me about fashion, I always say I hate it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of it, what it could be and what it used to be. But now fashion is like an over crowded party that no one was really invited to, and everyone is standing in tight little cliques and freezing each other out. It is not nice and it is the kind of party you want to leave after a short while.

The fashion industry has become 90% pure poo and only 5% has genuine intention to create, innovate and inspire. What happened to fashion as an art form - something personal and inspiring.

Fashion used to be something that inspired you to add a bow or a sprinkle of something new to elevate your personal style.

The sad state of fashion today is that it is being dictated by monotonous trend-forecasting companies that send interns to Coachella and Topshop to do research, and the high street shops are claiming their fast-tracked rip-offs as the new thing over and over again.

It is boring. So much so, that Li Edelkort had to give the industry a stern telling off with her Anti-Fashion manifesto in 2015. It was a while ago now but is just as relevant now as it was then.


Unfortunately, it seems that the fashion industry is out of fashion. There are quite a few issues to tackle, but as a brand owner, my biggest beef is with the four seasons, or is it eight or sixteen now? No brands, designers, retailers or consumers can keep up these days and as a bonus, the mass production is creating more trash than garments that people actually wear.

When I started my brand, I faced the hopeless situation of breaking through in an industry of endless amounts of garments, and just as anyone else I was optimistic and so I spent time developing and designing my range. The problem was that when I went to seminars I was told that I needed to keep producing to break into the market and that I had to participate in fashion week.

I can not underline how extremely happy and grateful I am to have a strong network of experienced designers and entrepreneurs around me. They guided me when I had questions and cheered me on when I announced we were season-less. A decision I made early on.

It made me sad thinking about how much work I had put into my collection and that it would be years before people really realised that we were around. I wanted my consumers to have time to figure out that we exist, and I wanted to give them a chance to save up or decide what to buy from us. Why do we need seasons in fashion? Even nature is over it!

We ship globally now and there are different weather situations everywhere and people move and travel more than ever. Do not dictate your brand after seasons. It is irrelevant to fashion. The problem is that a big chunk of the industry is still sticking to the seasonal production and contributing to the downward spiral of the new line going on sale a short time after it has dropped, which leaves costumers to wait with their purchases and shop owners to eventually close up because of a poor economy.

It seems like there is a fear of taking a risk. A fear of doing something different and bringing something new to the field. So many choose to follow a system that is out dated and unsustainable.

The absurdity of brands following a paved path is that it is a complete contradiction to what fashion is supposed to be. Inspiring, different, ground breaking!

They say that when a human looses hope it is because they are ready to die. My question is, is there hope for fashion or is it ready to die?

I am personally hoping for a phoenix style resurrection that can inspire new hope in designers, makers and journalists, to contribute to a healthy industry that supports and inspires good design.