The East London guide

From Shoreditch to Leyton. 

East London is under constant development with more up and coming neighbourhoods every year and new contemporary hang outs being established for Londons young and creatives. When you think you have just gotten used to the newest cool and progressive neighbourhood another one emerges and kicks ass!



Wringer and Mangle

To be honest, the food is not what I go here for. It is the lovely outdoor seating, there are pillows everywhere and it is a great place to start off or end an evening. Google for images, it is quite nice. 

Rosa´s Thai cafe 

This lovely little restaurant is tucked away under the arches at London fields. 

The space is decorated with an industrial charm and the plates are big.

Cantina Del 74

On Mare street. the most wonderful tacos I have ever had.

They do Taco Tuesday which is a wonderful concept of 5 pound margaritas and half price of tacos. 

You have to go! 

Brawn by Margot Carone

Brawn by Margot Carone


On Columbia Road. Great British food. I think I had the best radishes of my life here and I don’t even like radishes. Slightly on the fancier side but with a relaxed atmosphere. 


Head to the arches under the rails at London Fields station and grab a coffee and a loaf of bread at this local bakery. You can also sit down for some brunch or enjoy a nice piece of cake at this little nook.

Jolly Butchers

In Stoke Newington. If you can’t have a home made Sunday roast then the Jolly Butchers is the place to go. They offer a wide selection of craft beer and a great buzzy atmosphere. Meet up with a group of friends and hang out all day. But do your self a favour a book a table before hand, this pub get’s busy.

Patty and Bun 

Can be found all over the city. Has yet to be surpassed as the best burger joint in town!


On Wilton way. Michelin star restaurant but still one of those local hidden gems. 

Temple of Hackney 

I have not yet had a chance to go because there is always a huge line but if you are vegetarian you should not miss out on the highly praised Vegan fried “chicken”

The bread station

If you like Denmark and want a good hearty loaf of rye this place is really lovely and full of hygge. 


Your local watering hole:



Ridley Road Market bar 

In Dalston. Super fun bar, open till late, the booze is cheap and the music is great, Go here if you want to dance all night. 

Satans Whiskers

In Bethnal Green - This place is really cool and laidback! World class cocktails to the tune of hiphop beats and taxidermy. 

Broadway market by Cristopher Fowler

Broadway market by Cristopher Fowler

Cat and Mutton 

On Broadway Market - This is a great pub for a party. It is always buzzing and was recently renovated to its original decor. 

The main pub is down stairs and there is a cocktail bar upstairs. 

Moth Club 

Old Trades Hall - This is a music venue but it is definitely worth mentioning, Keep an eye out for gigs and events. Lady Gaga went! 

Behind this wall 

Mare street - I can very much recommend this bar. The interior is made in ply wood and very minimal, the cocktails change with the seasons. It is a lovely experience. 

Image by Sporstowe arms

Image by Sporstowe arms


Pub on the Park

In London Fields - Great for watching footy or meeting with a big group of friends. 

The Dove 

On Broadway Market - With a thai restaurant in the back this is an excellent pub for the hair-of-the-dog* on a Sunday. 

The Marksman

On Hackney Road - It used to be a local boozer* but was spiffed up a few years ago, the food is has taken a step up but the vibes are as good as always. 

Spurstowe Arms

On Wilton Way - Thursday is party night but any other time night is also good fun here. 

The Cock Tavern 

On Mare Street - Bring cash! and get ready for a proper boozer* with a huge selection of ales. 

The Tap Room

In London Fields - Ask them about the beers before you order, they have some interesting ones. 

Sager and wild by Tony Naylor

Sager and wild by Tony Naylor

Wine bars: 

Sager and Wild 

On Hackney Road - The mood is set with venetian blinds and an extraordinary selection of delicious wine. 

Borough Wines

On Wilton Way This lovely shop has several branches and you can have a sip of wine while you shop. 


On Dalston Lane - My favourite wine bar, I usually go on week days when it was nice and chilled


Palm vaults

Palm vaults


Palm Vaults 

Near Hackney Central - Check them out on instagram. That is all I have to say. 

Climpsons and sons

On Broadway Market - Very good place to spot hipsters. 

La Bouche 

On Broadway Market - French style cafe/shop with outdoor seating. Great for people watching. 

Café Miami

24 Lower Clapton Rd - A little piece of pastel coloured heaven. They play RnB all day and serve anything you want with nutella. The prices are good and so is the toasted Banana bread. 

Fun fact: The first Rener shoot was on Broadway market in East London

Fun fact: The first Rener shoot was on Broadway market in East London


Columbia Road flower market

Held every Sunday and very busy. Get your trendy ficus, lemon tree or bunch of assorted flowers for a good price. Also check out the back streets and small shops, you will be able to shop a cool new print, some vintage bargains or get a pair of new shoes. 

Broadway Market

This Saturday market offers everything you heart could desire. Clothes and accessories, flowers, street food for snacking or local produce for cooking, sweets like fudge or artisan doughnuts… everything! 

The walk from the canal through the market and down the London Fields path is pretty much the best place to pick up new style inspiration. Most locals around here are creatives of some sort and the style reflects the casual cool attitude of the area. 

Netil Market 

Netil market is the natural extension of Broadway market. It is just a short stroll up the road from Broadway and it is worth checking out. Especially to cruise the selection of stalls or have one of the legendary Bao buns. 


Final recommendation is to always bring your Rener jacket when you go out. Better safe than sorry. Check out collection 0001 here


*The phrase Hair of the dog is usually used to describe having a drink with a hangover from the night before. Originally: Hair of the dog that bit you. *Boozer: bar or pub