Podcasts and documentaries for nerds & other interesting people 1 of 3

Is there anything better than to truly indulge in a new topic and becoming a bit of en expert on that? I hated school but love information and education therefore any subject told as a good story is the best thing I know. 

Podcasts, documentaries and Tedtalks are brilliant for discovering something you never thought you would ever be interested in. These are my personal recommendations and I am quite confident that you will enjoy. 

This will be a series of faves so please hold on and enjoy the first list of recommended Podcasts. 


  • Thinking Sideways Podcast: It is a unsolved mysteries podcast which involves both disappearances, gruesome murders and the Chupacabra! Please have a listen to what Joe, Devine and Steve are talking about, it is really fun. 

  • Here´s the thing with Alec Baldwin: Well! what can I say.. It is Alec Baldwin! does he need an introduction? Anyways he is interviewing a wide range of public figures and it is always very interesting. 

  • How I built this with Guy Raz: This is a super insightful podcast. Guy talks to founders and makers who have started amazing companies and it is very inspiring. I especially like the Kate spade episode (obviously!) 

  • Serial: If you don’t know serial you are in for an amazing treat! Sarah Koenig is a journalist and she unfolds an entire true story in each season and they also did S-town, which is a very intriguing story about a shitty town in Alabama. 

  • The Generation Why Podcast: True crime stories, conspiracy and mysteries are discussed by Aaron and Justine. I came across this because I love Thinking Sideways and it is just as good so if you get tired of either one of these but still have a hankering for a good mystery then just listen to the other one. Smart! 

  • This American life: Ira Glass and his team has been making podcasts since 1995 about none-fiction short stories and essays where a combination of contributors add to the weekly topic. Basically there is a lot to get started on here.