All I want for Christmas is a better world ...

A list for the conscious shopper

Christmas is only weeks away and I bet that there are a few of you feeling frustrated about the imposing material consumption luring at you from every corner, newsletter and add. 

All I want for Christmas is more quality, better and fewer options in the stores and generally more consideration for the environment and the workers behind the product. 

It can be so hard to sort through it all while keeping a budget and not ending up having to hand knit kelp mittens for everyone to check all the boxes of Vegan, cruelty free, organic, personal, waste free (takes deep breath) free range, CO2 neutral, environmentally friendly and bio degradable! 

If you feel like this too. You want to do good by your loved ones without contributing to the deterioration of the world and feel eco-guilt. 

I have made a list for you of a selection of lovely brands that all are very considerate, environmentally friendly or just a local business with a heart warming message. 

These brands are all independent brands and small business with genuine people behind it that want more than anything to make a difference and shift the climate of consumerism to a make room for a healthier climate. 

  1. Ecoalf - Makes amazing clothes and accessories from regenerated nylon and tyres. 

  2. Pedros Bluff - An ethical and transparent brand with a small quality production of fine leather accessories. 

  3. Veja - Vegan sneakers that are all about transparency and quality materials. ‘

  4. Charli Cohen - sustainable and transparent sport/ lifestyle wear with a side focus on mental illness. 

  5. Samvær - An ethical menswear brand with a local production and small production runs. 

  6. Jo Davies - A ceramic artist who makes all pieces by hand.

  7. Caitlin Charles-Jones - Knitwear for the whole year with small production to minimise waste.

  8. Ren London - Clothes and homeware with a focus on natural fibres and a slow and sustainably minded lifestyle.

  9. Mei Li-Rose jewellery - Handcrafted fine and bespoke jewellery using traditional goldsmithing techniques, with a focus on quality craftsmanship.

  10. Corali - Sustainability and local production are core values of the brand and all pieces are carefully handmade in Copenhagen.