The brand

At Rener we don’t believe you should compromise on ethics, aesthetics or quality to look and feel good. That is why we produce our garments to the highest level of quality assurance with careful selection of production partners throughout the EU.

Originally from Aalborg, Denmark, we are now designing from our studio in London, England. We source all our fabrics from a Green Energy Mill in Italy and for production we are utilising a Specialist outerwear Factory in Portugal.

 Life without the compromise.

The Team

 Signe,  Designer & Founder
Amalie , Numbers
Jan & Jette, Operations
David, Graphic Design
Emma, Agent

The Ethics

We are a small family owned business built on a sustainable and transparent foundation.

We say foundation because we are still growing and finding the best way for us to be as conscious as possible.

Our technical materials are made in Italy at a green energy mill and the production is in Portugal.

We are 100% made in EU.

We make our products to last a life time and we want our company to last even longer, this meaning that we want to have a healthy company as well as a healthy product.

That is why we are slow-grow and season-less. We want to take our time with important decisions and new designs so that everything we make is as good as it can possibly be.

The Design process alone for the first 5 styles took 2 years to perfect and it was a joy to dive deep into every detail. There is a piece of outerwear for every part of the year no matter where in the world you are.

Warm, cold, windy or wet Rener is made for you.